Born of the prairie and raised by the pines,
Stephanie Croff sings songs for the soul.

For well over half her life, Stephanie has written songs to better understand her place in the world around her. Always searching for meaning, always yearning for truth, her music embraces the delicate walk between the tightrope ends of relationships. Stephanie is always willing to look up while embracing the fear of looking down.

It is in this admission of vulnerability that listeners can find themselves in her music. Stephanie puts every ounce of her soul into each song’s story with the hope that others may find inspiration through her own trials. And for a young woman, she’s had her share of difficult times to live through. Childhood abuse, religious extremism, marriages, divorces, and tragic family deaths have shaped the foundations of her experiences in this world, but it’s the tenuous and iron-fisted way that Stephanie clings to the hope that there is “something more” to live for that fuels the spark in each musical piece.

“Everything inspires everything”, she says, “and I must sing to live, because I must live to sing.”

Hear Stephanie Croff live from a number of Central Coast, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles area venues–her performances are riveting. She has also just released her long-awaited EP titled “The Dream Is Gone” – Listen to it here.