As I continue to understand the life I have been given, and the life I choose, I process the unknown through sound.

It is my goal to continue learning how to be a conduit for what needs to be expressed in this world, and open to what my soul yearns to find.

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It’s always enjoyable to play [music] with yourself, but it’s a lot more fun to play with a band.
The Yearning Souls were born out of an exploration on how to electrify the beautiful cello sounds from my album, and ground the music with heartbeat-matching percussion. Our combined sound is deep, haunting, and melodic.

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While the best things in life are free, the best way to support musicians is to buy directly from the artist.
My store allows you to purchase physical copies of my albums, or direct you to digital retailers. In addition to creating music, I create hand-crafted, unique items for your home, office, or music listening room.

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YOU fund me.

In a world of crowdfunding, I’ve had my opinions one way or another about putting my projects before the public, in hopes of funding. For moral reasons, personal reasons, spiritual reasons — all valid at their...

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