The Dream Is Gone

Stephanie Croff — The Dream Is Gone
Release date : Jun. 19, 2015

Entrancing vocals in a lush bed of slide guitar, cello, synths and percussion. An album for the phoenix rising.

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FEATURED ON: A Night Like This

The Ruben Lee Dalton Band — A Night Like This
Release date : Oct. 26, 2013
Label : Unsigned

Led with a voice of truth, The Ruben Lee Dalton Band journeys through genres old and new. On A Night Like This anything is possible. Love, desire, regret, and reflection are all expressed in the truth bearing lyrics of Ruben Lee Dalton. Supported by an awe inspiring array of classic sounds, Ruben's writing cuts deep. If authenticity is what you yearn for, turn the lights low for A Night Like This.

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The Healing Session

Stephanie Croff & The Yearning Souls — The Healing Session
Release date : Jan. 20, 2013
Label : Unsigned

The Healing Session is the result of a cathartic "band practice" with The Yearning Souls (Bear Erickson on guitar, and Nate Keezer on percussion). Join us on a 100% completely in-the-moment, full IMPROVISED stream-of-consciousness musical journey.

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FEATURED ON: Solutions For Dreamers

COMPILATION — Solutions For Dreamers: Season 2
Release date : Sept. 04, 2008
Label : Oniric Records

A compilation record featuring G. Love, Animal Liberation Orchestra and more, this Oniric Records production is a benefit for Heal The Ocean.

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Why Do We Sing

Stephanie Croff — Why Do We Sing
Release date : May. 20, 2008
Label : Unsigned

Why Do We Sing is a compelling chronicle of emotional descent, ascent, and the troubled waters between the two. Like the crisis-beset femmes of Tori Amos, Over the Rhine's Karen Bergquist, and Patty Griffith, Stephanie Croff courts chaos of the heart without careening into musical ire and gestures towards redemption without waxing saccharine.

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