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The first time I remember “falling in love” I was 3 years old. His name was Sean, and I stared at him in awe and wonder from the window of my cardboard house at daycare.

I’ve since come to know that the longing, yearning feeling I was feeling, isn’t the feeling of love, but the feeling of the absence of love.

Fortunately, these songs are part of my pathway there, and as I listen to them now, I just wanna hold myself and give myself the biggest hug on the planet. The biggest giantess most spectacular big-sister hug imaginable.

And, I feel so giddy with excitement because I still love these songs, and I’m so proud of myself for writing them. feeling them! SO MANY GOOD SEEDS HERE!!! SO MANY!!!! Maybe this should be called “Good Seeds.” That’ll be my next Play Stuff record.

But for this one, “Put It On” is such a gem! It speaks completely to the reminiscent feelings that scent can stir up. I also love “One Night Stand”, a spectacular and sexy oozy rhythmic number. “In The Water” is perhaps one of my favorite pieces of all time, the first time I was conscious that I was “streaming” music. The huskiness of my voice here is absolutely amazing. I’m still amazed at the notes and words that flowed like drunken honey.

I hope you enjoy these beautiful ideas as much as I do, and God bless you Steve Jobs for making it so easy to record music.

WRITTEN Stephanie Croff
RECORDED on my Mac

Stephanie Croff: Vocals, guitar

©&Ⓟ 2005 Stephanie Croff