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  1. Only Human
  2. Stay
  3. The Dream Is Gone

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A taste of what’s to come,
The Dream Is Gone honors what has been.

Under the production of musician Jesse Siebenberg (Supertramp, Crosby Loggins, Lissie), Stephanie’s thoughtful and paced songwriting style flourishes. A hypnotic and expansive bed of lush tones are created with Jesse on guitars and electric pianos, Dave Palmer (Fiona Apple, Madeline Peyroux, Fleetwood Mac) on synthesizers and space sounds, Gabriel Noel (Father Jon Misty, The Hayden Triplets, A Fine Frenzy) on bass guitar and cello, and Scott Seiver (Aimee Mann, Sia, Poe) on drums.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Brotheryn Studios in Ojai, California (2012 Grammy – Best Long Form Music Video “Big Easy Express” featuring Mumford and Sons, Edward Sharpe, Old Crow Medicine Show), The Dream Is gone beautifully illustrates Stephanie’s musical maturity since her 2008 release of Why Do We Sing.

WRITTEN Stephanie Croff
Brotheryn Studios, Ojai, CA
PRODUCED Jesse Siebenberg
ENGINEERED Jason Mariani & Jesse Siebenberg
Stephanie Croff: Vocals
Jesse Siebenberg: Guitars, electric pianos, background vocals (Stay)
Dave Palmer: Synthesizers
Gabriel Noel: Cello, bass guitar
Scott Seiver: Drums, percussion

©&Ⓟ 2015 Stephanie Croff



Only Human
and the sunset is made beautiful because of the land it comes across and I’m at a loss and the sky that was illuminated by it’s presence fades to black it’s not light we lack but a great appreciation for the space between the stars I’m sure you’ve noticed how they blossom in the moonlight like they’re snowflakes from some distant sky transcended souls, once you and I decided to come back and make a new life well, what kind of life is this when we act like we exist as only human all the time that you spent leaving me was the time I spent believing we were growing strong I was turning soil and pulling weeds so we could plant our family tree I see I was wrong while the foot you held outside the door let a cold breeze in that cooled me more than I could warm myself up by the fire and the life that I was born into, my pain and suffering frightened you to leavin’ all I see is a denial in accepting who we are limitations and the scars of being only human there’s a magic and a mystery I remember it creatively and write a song these are moments when I feel alive inspired, I hear my heart rise and sing along so when life presents a tragedy like a family death or you leavin’ me I’m sorry, I can’t help but heal it this way it’s the risk you pose by getting close to an artist’s heart refused to close when shattered and abandoned and when in pain so I hope that you’ll forgive my attempts at how to live as only human
wide awake and wanting something more too afraid to open up the door so you stayed out all night, said it’s all right, you’ll come home and then it woke me, you were gone if you’ll just stay…maybe I could change your mind I’ve been doing all the things I know I should I’m leaving here I wouldn’t change it if I could with all our memories and all our dreams, what becomes when all that’s left is this empty nest, it’s all gone if you’ll just stay…baby you can change your mind now that you’re gone I’ve been finding my clarity all these voices inside they weren’t wrong they just weren’t all I’m meant to be and now I’m feeling I am finally strong I’ve found grace in the mystery it doesn’t matter whose side you are on and our past is not history I won’t bow out before I am done I am right where I belong and if you’d have stayed…maybe I would change my mind
The Dream Is Gone
writing down words I would say hoping that there comes a day or a moment to use them keeping things close to my chest acting like father knows best with a mother who’s using mysteries lost to the grave lineage longing to save just an ash from a burning diary what was she hiding I think she’s crying “it’s okay, go where the wind blows” finding notes taped to the walls opening doors in the hallway of our restitution constantly choking on pride caverns of love we’ve denied in this awkward solution cattle which cry in the night birds echo back from their flight o’re the shores of our enemies beliefs or disbelief Oh, I think she’s dying Oh, I hear her sighing “it’s okay, go where the wind blows” tracing the lines on her face feeling the urge to embrace what is left of her body knowing it’s all gonna change facing the fears that remain in the dirtying laundry choosing to follow your heart turning on lights in the darkness, this mess of disturbing piety lost humility Oh, I’ve seen her shining while leaves are flying “it’s okay, go where the wind blows”


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