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  1. Side 1 (14:10)
  2. Side 2 (20:05)

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Product Description

The Healing Session is the result of a cathartic “band practice” with The Yearning Souls (Bear Erickson on guitar, and Nate Keezer on percussion).

Join us on a 100% completely in-the-moment, full IMPROVISED stream-of-consciousness musical journey.

RECORDED Erickson Sound Labs, Buellton, CA
MASTERED Baker Studios LTD, Victoria, BC, Canada
Stephanie Croff: piano, voice, lyrics
Bear Erickson: baritone guitar, starshine
Nate Keezer: percussion, atmosphere

©&Ⓟ 2012 Stephanie Croff



(6:56) Both Parts

I’ve been fighting this my whole life long.
Looking at the bottom of a well, wondering why I don’t belong.
In my heart, it’s broken.
What I always wanted to be–the eye–the eye of the apple of me.

You’ve only got your hands, can only hold your own heart.
I’m left with my own hands, with both parts.
I’ve got both parts.

And it’s not that bad, it just hurts a little more.
And it’s not that bad, I just wanted you more than you wanted me.

I’ve got both parts to make a whole.
I’ve got both parts and I’m more than I ever was before.

It still hurts a little.
It just hurts a little.

(8:15) It's A Shame

It’s a shame, it’s a shame…
They don’t hand them out for free but they act like they do.
Just because you did your dance now your three, not two.

And it’s a shame because you don’t know how to love yourself
How could you love your baby child?
It’s a shame, it’s a shame anyone ever makes it out alive,
Anyone ever makes it out and wants to try again.

Who made the standard so?
You did your job so long ago, now we’re on our own.
Standing tall, but not alone.

It’s a shame.
Everyone’s got their bills to pay.
Some of us don’t know what to say, so we all just go along.
And we all forget our song sometimes.
It’s a shame.

It’s a shame we never tried.
There are some things we cannot do, we cannot pass by.
These blocks these walls we’ve built, this defense, it is so high.
I’ve got to cut it down, one by one, get these ropes undone.


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